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Learn to cultivate the confidence you need to excel as a watercolor artist in just 5 days, for FREE! 🤩 

Get exclusive creativity mentoring and painting instruction with me for 5 days that will revolutionize your creative process, rebuild your confidence foundation, and learn what's really behind expanding your watercolor skills! Join me again, or for the first time for this amazing training! There's a bonus training on Saturday, August 24, 2024!

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Hey everybody, it's Jill here, I’m here to help you accomplish something new that can radically alter your watercolor process for the better–Cultivating Watercolor Confidence!

The number one struggle that students of all ages have reported throughout my years of teaching is a lack of confidence. What exactly does that look like?

Students describe themselves as lacking the confidence to start painting, and once they start painting, they lack the confidence to embrace the process of painting for fear of failure. Often, if they make it through to completing a painting, they lack the confidence to begin another one!

Students also find themselves struggling with the unfulfilled desire of really owning their creative process....they find it difficult to translate what they're learning from various sources of instruction into meaningful work that demonstrates their own voice.

Students also describe frustrations with not improving on a continual basis and feeling lost, not knowing which direction they should go artisitcally. Many will often lose interest, even abandoning their growth as a painter!

What's going on here?!

The lack of a strong confidence foundation presents itself in a myriad of ways in our creative process, and it's frustrating, and often deflating.

Does this sound familiar?
Has this cycle kept you from painting for a few weeks–a few months, maybe even a few years?

You are not alone, and I want you to know there are solutions!

You're not alone, in fact I have been YOU, and it’s important for you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re just missing valuable pieces to your creative puzzle.

I am here to offer you something amazing that I believe will enable you to leave behind this exasperating and unhealthy approach to artmaking. Join me for a transformational experience that will help you see your artistic process in a whole new light!

What you will learn...

I want you to stop experiencing ongoing frustrations and feelings of failure that continue to crush your confidence. I want you to give yourself the opportunity to use these techniques I’ve developed over the last 2 decades of art making, that will allow your creativity to take its rightful place at the forefront of your life, and not a thing to be avoided or abandoned.

Join me for this free 5 day workshop to help you experience a creative confidence breakthrough!

Take a look at the topics we’ll cover over the 5 days! This free training is power-packed and designed to provide you with information AND actionable steps in order to generate an entirely new creative process and confidence level that you've never experienced before.

Creativity topics we'll cover in 5 days (in addition to our painting sessions!!)

      • Game plans
      • Responsibilities
      • Obligations
      • Time
      • Desires
      • Prioritizing
      • Structuring
      • Organization
      • Scheduling
      • Utilizing Space
      • Materials
      • Preparation
      • Making Art
      • Perfectionism
      • Goals
      • Wins
      • Resources
      • Materials
      • Paper
      • Warm Pigments
      • Cool Pigments
      • Brushes
      • Washes
      • Visual Textures
      • Workflows
      • Painting Prompts
      • How to Self Evaluate
      • and MORE...

      How do I participate?

      Participants will join me LIVE for our free, 5-Day workshop in our private Facebook group. 

      Each day is highlighted with a series of trainings designed to kickstart your creative process and your entire approach to watercolor so that you're producing your best work in 2024!
      We'll also have 3 painting sessions, so gather your supplies!
      This is your year to harness the power of confidence, and learn the missing components of your creative process!

      Do I need supplies for the training?

      For best results, yes! We will be getting our brushes wet, and it's important that you give this session a go! Participants will also need a printed copy of the downloadable workbook that's available AFTER joining our private Facebook group.
      Keep your supplies simple for our training!

      • Printed copy of the workbook (available after joining the FB group)
      • Quality watercolor paper for best results (I'll be using Arches 140lb cold press) A watercolor sketchbook is just fine as well!
      • Watercolor brushes
      • Professional quality watercolors
      • Masking tape
      • Palette
      • Water/paper towels/or old towel
      • Pencil
      • Salt
      • Notebook if you like extra note taking
      • any optional supplies you may enjoy using in case you feel 'experimental'!

      You'll also get a 30-Day, Customized Roadmap

      What?! Heck Yeah! If the 5 day training wasn't enough, you'll get a tremendous kick start for the next 30 days with a REAL game plan. When you've finished the entire Cultivating Watercolor Confidence training, you'll have generated a fully customized road map that will help you spearhead your way into a new process, hitting your watercolor goals, targets, and aspirations!

      You'll get daily training while developing your 30-Day Road Map as we go!

          Here's our schedule!

          Join me each evening, August 19-31, 2024 @ 6:30pm MST (Live from Yellowstone NP)
          with a special bonus training on Saturday, August 24, 2024 @ 6:30pm MST

          Replays will be available through September 1st, and then they're gone forever!  The next free training isn't till November 2024, so don't miss out!