Lessons from the Prairie in Watercolor

My travels have been new and exciting and the Kansas prairie has captured my painter’s heart. Join me for the replay of my 3 day live workshop, as we explore lessons I’ve learned about capturing this vast and mysterious landscape.

Learn to work with loose, simplistic sections of natural color and visual texture to bring the wild spaciousness of the prairie to life.
I’ll be sharing my own personal insights into our sessions, and how experiencing the prairie first hand has given me renewed enthusiasm for this beautiful region.

I'll be using a variety of my own reference images from my travels to compose unique, easy to follow landscapes for our sessions.

Venturing off the interstate to see the ‘real’ Kansas prairie is one of the best ways to experience Kansas. The original prairie, just as the native Indian tribes and settlers saw it, is not only breathtaking, but takes the viewer back in time to a majestic view of square miles of native grasses waving in the southwind.

Day 1

Tall Grass Prairie

In these sessions, we’ll explore visual texture techniques to capture the grasses, flint, limestone, and the many cottonwood trees that dot the landscape of the Kansas prairie.

Day 2

Storm Clouds

Surviving a nearby twister while traveling through the state was no less than an attention getter. We’ll use bold value to capture the dynamics of a broiling Kansas stormcloud.

Day 3

Eternal Skies

Seeing the expanse of sky for the first time can be a surreal experience. We’ll  explore rich, intense washes of blue to replicate the expansive Kansas sky over the prairie.

Here's What You'll Get!

  • 3 days of full session, painting replays + a bonus demo
  • Valuable skills for depicting light that will expand your watercolor knowledge
  • Build technical confidence and new skills
  • Lifetime access to the videos and reference images


  • Arches 140lb Cold Pressed paper, 1/8th sheets, approx 7.5 x 11
  • #12 round brush, 1/4” Dagger Brush, #0 Rigger Brush
  • water, towel, pencil, spray bottle, masking tape, mounting board, palette
  • Please use the colors you have on hand; it's advised to use quality professional tube watercolors for best results.
  • Winsor & Newton Permanent White Gouache
  • any additional supplies you'd like to use
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Lessons from the Prairie in Watercolor

Learn to work with loose, simplistic sections of natural color and visual texture to bring the wild spaciousness of the prairie to life in this 3-day, live replay workshop with Jill Williams.

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