Hey guys, this is Jill, welcome to The LoosenUP workshop! This is my signature, 8-day-joy-ride into newfound watercolor freedom that will have you painting with loose brushwork from day one! Learn to work with a fresh, easy approach that brings a new joy and deeper connection with your creative process.

What will I learn?

The LoosenUP Workshop is designed to help you produce the fresh work you long for by guiding you to:

  • loosen up your brushwork
  • explore a more free and engaging approach to your subject
  • gain confidence with watercolor techniques
  • tap into your unique creative process

These are our Focus points for the week, and each is designed to produce results in your daily life and painting practice:

  • painting techniques with full length paint demos
  • self care sessions
  • guided meditation
  • creative habit assignments

It's like no painting workshop you've ever taken.

    Actual samples of our daily sessions

    How does it work?

    Students will build new painting skills with a variety of techniques to create stunning visual textures, while gaining confidence with brushwork and color usage. During our sessions, you'll be guided to proactively ditch perfectionism and integrate new creative habits that are sure to bring a new joy and freedom into your work!
    The workshop is designed to begin on a Monday, but can be started anytime.

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    Frequently asked questions:

    If you are wanting to loosen up your painting style, avoid stiff paintings, and develop a more confident, free flowing style in watercolor, this workshop is for you. In addition, if you struggle with confidence or a sense of perfectionism in your work, you'll find yourself encouraged with a newfound freedom in your work.

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    You have lifetime access to the lessons and downloadable reference photos, and can work at your own pace.

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    LoosenUP Workshop

    Welcome to the LoosenUP Workshop! We’re going to learn to loosen up, explore new techniques, dive into our creative process, and learn ways to strengthen our inner artist so that we can make our best work!

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