Drawing is one of the most overlooked aspects of the painting process, but taking time to understand basic drawing concepts will increase the ease and quality of your painting process.

Drawing for Watercolor™ is a comprehensive guide through value studies and expansion of existing sketching skills, in preparation for watercolor paintings. 

Multiple exercises and in depth lessons are covered to help you gain newfound confidence in your drawing accuracy and interpretation of values that will elevate the caliber your watercolors.

What will I learn?

  • Drawing for Watercolor™ gets you started right away with foundational elements in value, use of materials, and drawing practice, by leading you through the process of preparing and completing watercolor paintings based on your own comprehensive value studies in charcoal and pencil.
  • You'll learn to integrate drawing as a critical step in your painting process, and develop new skills and greatly improve your draftsmanship if you're already drawing.
  • Your new skills will allow you to produce quality, stand alone drawings, as well as elevate the caliber of your paintings as you gain new insights into the importance of form, shape, line, and value that are gleaned directly from the drawing process.
  • Students can expect a noticeable shift in their value observations, drawing accuracy, and the impact it has to elevate the quality of their paintings.

How does it work?

The workshop is divided into three sections to ensure you're building the right foundations: Intro Modules, Exercises, and the Lessons. Each section builds on the other and provides clearly defined objectives and video instruction that will keep you working toward building your drawing and value skills.

Frequently asked questions:

This workshop is stresses the importance of drawing, and covers hours of drawing and sketching skills, but is not a drawing instruction course for beginners who have never drawn. It's designed for watercolor painters especially, to begin focusing on value observations and drawing accuracy to elevate the artistic caliber of their paintings.

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You have lifetime access to the lessons and downloadable reference photos, and can work at your own pace.

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Drawing for Watercolor

The Drawing for Watercolor Workshop™ is a comprehensive guide through value studies and expansion of existing sketching skills, in preparation for watercolor paintings.

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